Hello from the Man Behind the Face Mask

Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting our newly refurbished website!

At this blog page, I am excited to share my opinions (& ramblings) about anything dentistry related. On occasion, I would also share a little bit about my personal life e.g hobbies, interests, events etc.

Please do visit this page routinely and share them with your friends and family. I would also love if you could write in the comment section of topics of interest that you would like me to share about regarding dentistry.

On this inaugural post, let me share some background information about myself.

I am the 3rd son (out of 4 boys). Having the middle child syndrome (and with very smart siblings), life when young was all about striving for the best – both in education and extra co-curricular – just so that I could get a little more love (and attention) from my parents.

I’ve always had an interest in dentistry since young, and I pinpoint this to my mum who is also a dentist (Dr Su Kien Looi - checkout her profile on our homepage). At times when she couldn’t find anyone to babysit us, she would bring my brothers & I to her dental clinic just so that she could keep an eye on us.

It was there at the clinic where I have indirectly learned that dentistry is about helping people – both in getting patients out of pain and to improve smile & confidence. It is also a job where we could have the opportunity to meet and mingle with people of all walks and life (because everyone has teeth and one day would see a dentist whether they like it or not). It is also at my mum’s clinic that I observed why people hated visiting the dentist as well.

Post high school, I was fortunate to be granted a scholarship to study dentistry in the UK. In 2004, I attended dental school at Barts & The London School of Medicine and Dentistry. In a nutshell, life in dental school was stressful but also fun and inspirational. It was there that I learnt how people are grateful even for the tiniest things that we do to help them.

2009 was when I graduated and returned to Malaysia to perform my compulsory services with the government hospital and clinics. I also did 2 years of private practice and in November 2014, I decided to set up my own practice. It is at KL City Dentists where I hope my team & I can provide the ultimate dental experience to all our patients that walk through our door.

It is getting windy for my first blog post, so I shall stop my ramblings here (for today). Please do let me know what concerns you have when it comes to your teeth and I shall try my very best to write about them. Till then, adios!

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