5 Secrets to a Healthier Smile

5 Secrets to a Healthier Smile

At this time and age, who doesn’t desire a Hollywood or Instagram worthy smile. Not only does a healthy smile makes you more attractive, it also boosts your self-confidence. Below are my 5 tips on how to obtain a healthier smile.

  1. Do you routinely visit your dentist every 6 months?

Wonder why your dentists always recommend a 6-monthly checkup and clean. One word; Prevention. A 6-monthy checkup and clean removes dangerous plaque and tartar. Cavities that are small are detected before they cause bigger problems. Oral cancer is easily treatable if detected early. Gum disease are reversible at the early stages. And the list goes on…

I know it can seem expensive, especially if you have to pay for the additional visits out of pocket, but it’s well worth it from a health perspective. If you think about what you might spend on regularly cutting or coloring your hair, it’s really not that far off.

  1. The good-old-fashioned dental floss is here to stay.

I am amazed with what the toothbrush adverts try to sell nowadays. Sure, they can have the thinnest or softest bristles, but if you are not using a floss, there is a high chance that 50% of your teeth surfaces are covered with nasty stuff.

No matter how fantastically high-tech your brush is or how thoroughly you go over each tooth, you still need to floss.

  1. If you are afraid of the dentist, you are probably not seeing the right one.

The days of paternalistic dentist are long gone. Dentists today are better communicators and generally more gentle.

Today we can manage any discomfort with the right techniques and medications. Root canals and implants are comparatively painless compared to the olden days. You name the issue, we can address it.

  1. If it’s painful, it’s probably too late.

Most dental issues aren’t noticeable at its initial stages.

Cavities, before they become deep, are painless.

Gum diseases are often silent. But once you’re wincing in pain, it probably means there is already an infection going on in the pockets of your gums.

Make frequent check-up appointments to nip invisible-to-you problems in the bud, and put your dentist on your favourite list should you notice any problems.

  1. Not all whites are right.

I believe in personalizing a smile. That photo of someone’s bright smile you admire might probably not suit you. It depends on the shape of you face, your lips, the colour of your skin etc. It’s a bit like dying your hair; not everyone can don it blonde.




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