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About Us

KL City Dentists was established to provide ultimate dental care for the public in the Greater Kuala Lumpur since 2014.

Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, we strive to provide every patient with a positive and pleasant experience at our clinic. In order to provide the highest level of care, we utilise the latest revolutionary technologies, state-of-the-art instruments as well as machines and continuously participate in skill advancement courses.

To ensure maximum protection for our patients, we apply advanced sterilization and disinfection techniques on all instruments and in our dental rooms. Our patients’ safety is our utmost priority.

We employ stringent recruitment standards and only work with highly skilled associates to serve you better.

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Consistent High Quality Care

Every patient that steps into our practice will receive consistent high quality care and the gentlest possible treatment no matter which dentist they see. We work closely with dental specialists and quality dental labs that complement our services to provide the best dental care for our patients. Every individual patient will be provided with a tailor-made treatment plan to meet his or her needs. Our dentists will make the patients feel at ease, calm and certain that they are in good hands.

Our Purpose

We believe dentistry is not only about treating disease or removing pain, it is about improving confidence by improving smiles.

Our Mission

To be the professional dental organization that consistently exceeds the expectations of our patients by providing High Quality dental care services in a Professional, Passionate, Friendly and Caring environment.

Meet Our Doctors

KL City Dentists is spearheaded by the dedicated and highly talented Dr Mong. The experienced and qualified team of dentists at the practice continuously attend post-graduate courses, trainings and seminars to remain current in their knowledge and skills. Our dentists are competent, professional and friendly.
Dr Mong Xeng Tien

Dr Mong Xeng Tien

Dr Mong is commited to providing excellent and quality dental care to the public. In his career, he
has worked in several dental specialist clinics in
the country.

In 2014, he decided to establish KL City Dentists
to offer personalised dental care services to all
his patients.

In his spare time, Dr Mong enjoys fishing, playing
the piano and photography.

  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery with Honours,
    University of London
    (Barts & The London School of Medicine & Dentistry)
  • Membership of the Joint Dental Faculties,
    Royal College of Surgeon England

e-mail: drmong@klcitydentists.com


Dr Mong Xeng Tien

Principal Dentist
Dr Tan Huann Lan

Dr Tan Huann Lan

Dr Tan, a registered specialist in Malaysia National Specialist Register. She had served in various hospitals of Ministry of Health Malaysia for the past 10 years. She previously worked with Ministry of Health.

At present, she is attached to National University of Malaysia as their OMFS department lecturer and clinical specialist. Her scopes of interests are facial aesthetics; orthognathic surgery and dental implantology.

  • Bachelor of Dentistry, University Malaya
  • Membership of Faculty of Dental Surgery Royal College of Surgeons England
  • Master in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, The University Hong Kong
  • A member of IAOMS, AOCMF, and MAOMS


Dr Tan Huann Lan

Specialist in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dr May Thandar Nwe

Dr May Thandar Nwe

Dr May Thandar Nwe, BDS (Alexandria)

Dr May is a general dentist who is well-trained in variety of disciplines including oral surgery, restorative, periodontics, paediatrics and preventive dentistry. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery (BDS), Dr May completed her government residency at University Teknologi Mara. Here, while honing her skills as a general dentist, she was also able to learn and perform advanced restorative treatments under the supervision of some of the best specialist dentists in the field. Dr May has a passion for paediatric and restorative dentistry and is presently a committee member of the Malaysian Association of Aesthetic Dentistry.

Dr May is well-known as a polyglot amongst friends and family – fluent in English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia and Burmese and can converse in basic Arabic, Korean and Japanese.

Outside of the dental setting, she enjoys keeping fit and healthy. She also finds pleasure in simple things such as discovering a new favourite dessert or a skin care routine. Dr May is very approachable and caring and she directs these characteristics into her role as a health care provider as without fail, her top priority is you, her patient.


Dr May Thandar Nwe

Associate Dentist
Dr Nina Baizura

Dr Nina Baizura

Dr Nina Baizura

  • BDS (Malaya)
  • DClintDent (UKM)
  • MOrth RCS (Edinburgh)


Dr Nina Baizura


Dental Assistants

Our Dental Assistants are professionally trained to provide competent assistance to our Dentists. Throughout your treatment, they will work with our Dentists to help you remain comfortable. Our continual attention to every detail of your stay will keep you smiling.


Nur Anita Sapri
Diploma in Medical Laboratory

 Azyan Dalisan (Yan)

Lovender Sarabin
Diploma in Nursing

Meet Our Front Office

Your satisfaction is our priority, and it begins at our front door.
Our front office team, Veni and Vyvonne will make your visit a
pleasurable experience, whether working with your insurance
or scheduling your appointment. We aim to exceed your expectations.

KL City Dentists
KL City Dentists

Our Services

General Dentistry

Our clinic provides comprehensive primary dental care for all ages. We treat you and your entire family with great care to maintain overall oral health, including emergency dental care. We provide comprehensive examination and treatment planning.

Preventive Dentistry

We believe prevention is better than cure. Hence, we create patient awareness and care for your teeth to keep them healthy. Together we can avoid cavities, gum disease, enamel wear, and more. Simple measures such as placing pit and fissure sealants, fluoride varnish, night guard, diet analysis and oral hygiene education are what we can work with our patients.

Dental Hygiene

Hard tartar on your teeth cannot be removed by simply brushing your teeth. A routine scale and polishing of teeth is a must to maintain good oral hygiene.

Paediatric Dentistry

Paediatric (Child) Dentistry places special importance in preventing tooth decay and focuses on the maintenance of primary teeth (baby teeth) in younger children until the teeth are naturally lost.

It is important to provide a positive experience to children by giving them gentle and excellent oral care to eliminate their fear of visiting the dentist.

Our focus includes fillings, cleaning, space maintainers and preventive dentistry.

Periodontal Treatment

We emphasize on patient awareness and self-maintenance during the early stages of gum disease because the disease involves much more than just teeth cleaning. It encompasses deep scaling and root planning to obtain healthier gums and teeth.

Oral Surgery

This goes beyond the removal of teeth. Our oral surgery procedures include implant placement, bone grafting and impacted (horizontal) wisdom tooth removal.

Endodontics / Root Canal Treatment

The aim of the treatment is to remove all pain and infection from the tooth. The inflamed or infected pulp is removed and the inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned and disinfected, then filled with an inert material before the tooth is restored with a crown or filling for protection.

Our focus is to retain the tooth instead of an extraction so our patient`s chewing ability can still function normally. Equipment used by the clinic for this procedure is state-of-the-art to ensure a painless and highly successful outcome.

Prosthodontics / Prosthetic Dentistry

Our focus is the rehabilitation and maintenance of missing, broken down or deficient teeth and/or oral and maxillofacial tissues. Crown or caps, dentures and bridges are typically the restorations used to achieve these results.

Our dentists ensure each case is planned properly and our dental labs produce prosthesis that meet the highest standard of care.

Cosmetic / Restorative Dentistry

We focus on the visual aspect of your overall smile and confidence. With the proper treatment, you will have the confidence in the world to always smile! These procedures include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and crowns, natural tooth coloured fillings and dental implants.

We also rely on our high quality dental labs to deliver prosthesis that are both long lasting and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

Smile Analysis

If you wish to improve your smile, smile analysis is recommended. It begins with an examination and consultation with the dentist and the dental laboratory technician. The dentist will evaluate and examine the health and appearance of the teeth and gums, the lip line, facial shape, jaw angle and eye symmetry.

Then, photographs of the area are taken and 3D plaster study models are fabricated.

Our Technology

State-of-the-art equipment are used to provide the best patient care.
KL City Dentists

Digital X-Ray

All our X-ray images are in digital format, viewed directly and instantly on a computer screen.

It emits very minimal radiation compared to taking a conventional X-ray film.

With the latest software applications, X-ray image allows us to investigate your oral health in all aspects.

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KL City Dentists

CT Scan

CT Scan imaging system produces high definition 3D diagnostic images for ultimate treatment efficiency.

It delivers maximum control to accurately capture each patient`s unique anatomy and treatment progress.

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KL City Dentists

Digital Photography

High resolution colour digital photographs are taken on every patient who desires an improvement in the aesthetics of their smile.

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KL City Dentists

Dental Loupes

Dental Loupes are used by our dentists regularly when performing certain dental procedures.

The magnification of 2.5X to 4.0X aids in the examination, diagnosis and treatment of dental condition.

This ensures that no diseases are left out and a high quality treatment outcome is accomplished.

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Why Choose Us

Friendly & Professional Team


First-rate Customer Service


Enjoyable Dental Experience


High Quality Dentistry


Tailor Made Treatment Plans


24 Hour Emergency Service



As i entered the room, it was breathtaking and beautiful. The 360 view of KL City was very calming and relaxing unlike the usual 4 walls concept of a normal clinic.

The Mizz Eve Mrs & Momma

He happens to be one of the friendliest doctors I’ve ever met, and he was really considerate on each action he took.

Aliza Sara Elias www.alizasara.com

Dr. Mong has also kept his team of five constant on a carefully selected scale, each with the driven focus on prioritizing on its service and customer care as well.

Shivanibalraj Pen My Blog

The dentist spoke excellent English, qualified in the UK and had excellent facilities. He was the first dentist who I have visited who was able to administer pain relief (3 injections) without any pain or discomfort.

1smost Wellington, NZ

I love the ambience as it gives you a very good vibe unlike most conventional dental clinics with their smell of medicines and etc.

J. Chan Walauwei.com

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